Nomai says Iomega Zip tests weren't fair

French removable media maker Nomai is aiming to fire a few slingshots in the direction of Iomega, and vowing to keep fighting in the courts.

Iomega recently obtained a restraining order preventing Nomai distributing its XHD cartridge aimed at Iomega's Zip drives, after claiming that the XHD could damage the drive mechanism.

Responding today, Nomai said said the tests were conducted by a third-party but under Iomega's solicitation and using the Laptop Zip drive that is designed for portable PCs. Nomai claims that the drive has been modified to reject the cartridge.

Nomai also says that, in the third-party testing, Iomega specified a humidity beyond what it itself specifies as being required for media to be able to undertake.

Nomai claims compatibility with all other Zip drive types was established by the German computer magazine c't

Both Nomai and Iomega have in the past had legal disputes with SyQuest.