Nominations open for Top 5 OPSEC Failures of 2013

This year, the general public discovered the meaning of OPSEC, from Snowden to Silk Road. But which OPSEC fail was the worst of the worst?

The nominations are open: tell us who - or what - you think should be in the list for the Top 5 OPSEC Failures of 2013.

OPSEC propaganda poster

2013 was a banner year for operational security failures on a grand scale.

Edward Snowden. Adobe. Silk Road. The list goes on.

There is a lot to choose from, but some were really, really avoidable, and truly unbelievable.

It only seems fitting to call out the ones that really made us shake our heads in disbelief, and think, you've got to be kidding.

The Top 5 OPSEC Fails of 2013 will be published, with details, on December 23, 2013 here on ZDNet's Zero Day.

Nominate the company or blunder that deserves to be on the list via the ZDNet contact form below or in the comments for this article.


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Screencap from The Global Intelligence Files, via @thegrugq's Twitter stream. Image of American propaganda poster via Wikicommons.