Nook e-readers go on sale in the UK

Barnes & Noble's Simple Touch and Simple Touch GlowLight e-readers are now available in British shops, while its HD and HD+ tablets will follow in November.

Barnes & Noble has started selling its Nook Simple Touch GlowLight e-reader in the UK, and opened up pre-orders for its Nook HD and HD+ tablets here as well.

The company said back in August that it would be tackling the UK market by this holiday season, and it revealed its UK pricing in September.

The Simple Touch GlowLight went on sale on Monday, alongside a version without a light, named Simple Touch. The more basic version costs £79, while the GlowLight iteration costs £109.

That puts the GlowLight at the same price as its chief rival, Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite . Kobo's lit-up e-reader, the Glo, is cheaper at £99.

Barnes & Noble's e-readers are available through a variety of retailers, including John Lewis, Asda, Blackwell's, Sainsburys and Dixons.

The US bookseller also announced on Monday that its Nook devices would be "the exclusive Reader" in hundreds of Asda stores across the country. Asda has previously also sold e-readers from Kobo.

The Nook HD and HD+ tablets, which rival Amazon's Kindle Fire line and the Kobo Arc , will go on sale in November. Pre-orders are available through the UK Nook website.