Nordaq targets hospitality industry with water purification system

The technology helps cut back on the use of plastic bottles and could also help them save on fuel and transportation costs.

After establishing a foothold in Europe, Sweden's Nordaq is stepping up sales of its patented water purification and filtration technology in the U.S. hospitality market.

The FRESH system offers a way for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality companies to cut back on the use of plastic water bottles, and also on the transportation costs (and fossil fuels consumption) associated with delivering those shipments to locations around the world. 

How much of an impact does the technology have? One restaurant organization, The Thomas Keller Group, has reduced its carbon footprint by an average of 288,000 bottles annually by installing the FRESH system. The company owns high-profile restaurants including The Fresh Laundry in Yountville, Calif.

Other restaurants that have adopted the system (pictured below) are Daniel and Le Bernardin in New York, Quince in San Francisco and the Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle. 

Nordaq founders Robert and Paulina Hahmann with one of the eight configurations of the FRESH system.


"While there are many other water filter systems, Nordaq FRESH, through their innovative process, allows us to be environmentally responsible while still providing exceptional water," says chef Thomas Keller, in a statement.

Nordaq FRESH circulates water through a cooler that is carbonated to withdraw chemical, additives and other impurities while leaving the essential salts and minerals that give water its flavor. The water is decanted into reusable glass bottles. More than 500 hotels, restaurants, wineries, spas and resort locations are using the system. 

For more about FRESH, check out this video: