Northwood relies on NC push

Northwood Laboratories is putting its weight behind the network computer (NC) camp amid rumours that it is still struggling with PC sales.

The company, wholly-owned by the Software Warehouse, has launched the upgradable LAN2000 SpaceStation series, to add to its existing PC ranges.

Rumours still persist that Northwood is finding the going heavy with PC sales, and a source has suggested that despite claims to the contrary, the company is looking towards possible areas of differentiation.

The NC market is one area where Northwood can create an initial niche and has launched two different models, the LAN2000 and the LAN2000D, both with feature enhanced 3D 16 bit audio and RJ45 and BNC NE2000 Ethernet interfaces as standard.

"It will give us the best of both worlds," said Northwood managing director John Bennett. "The machines are NC compliant but also have the bility to be fully featured PCs. They will get us into new markets."

The LAN2000, aimed at the home market, is priced at £469 + VAT and includes a 100MHz 586 Processor, 8Mb EDO DRAM (upgradable to 128Mb), 256Kb cache, 14-inch SVGA monitor, 1Mb graphics accelerator, NE2000 BNC and RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, audio, two USB ports and one-year warranty.

The LAN2000D is available at £629 + VAT, includes all of the above features plus Fast Access 850Mb Hard Drive, 1.44Mb Floppy Drive and Microsoft Windows 95.