Norton pumps out enhanced security for Android tablets

Norton has integrated a new security feature for Android devices that literally screams when in trouble.

Mobile phones could soon take on the persona of car alarms thanks to a new security software solution for Android from Norton by Symantec.

Norton is announcing the availability of Norton Tablet Security and new updates for Norton Mobile Security, the latter of which includes a new "scream" feature designed to help mobile owners find a lost or stolen device quickly.

Essentially, the scream function works when a user sends a text to the missing phone to remotely activate an alarm that will enable him or her locate the device.

Other new features for the Mobile Security solution include being able to remotely locate, lock and wipe a device via SMS commands as well as anti-malware detection, which automatically scans all apps and app updates downloaded to the mobile device and SD card for threats.

On the tablet side, this new product features much of what is available for the Mobile Security package, including the anti-malware function and web-based anti-theft measures. That web browser menu provides a variety of options, including locating the lost tablet on a map and publishing a “device lost” message to the lock screen.

The most innovative security option is the "sneak peak" feature, which uses the front-facing camera, snaps a photo and uploads the picture to the anti-theft portal.

Both available starting today with one year of protection each, Norton Tablet Security retails for $39.99, while Norton Mobile Security only costs $29.99. Users who already have a version of Norton Mobile Security will receive the update through existing product subscriptions.

Additionally, both solutions support the following languages: US English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.