Norway X-Streamly keen on free Net access

X-Stream invades the Vikings with a free Internet access distribution deal.

Norway will soon be experiencing the joys of free Internet access, UK style, after a deal struck today between pioneering free UK ISP X-Stream Networks and Norwegian loyalty scheme Domino.

Beginning 16 September, X-Stream Internet access software will be available on CD from Norwegian petrol stations and from the Norwegian X-Stream Web site.

X-Stream Network COO Paul Myers says X-Stream is set to take the Norwegian ISP market by storm. "Domino has membership encompassing 60 percent of Norwegian homes, a 71 percent brand recognition and a high association with quality and value. We believe Domino to be the most powerful and suitable partners in the region. This expansion takes X-Stream to another level."

Stefan Elmer, Internet analyst with IDC's European Internet research centre, says such partnerships are an important strategy for ISPs to pursue for long-term competitiveness. "A pan-European approach is important. Those companies that can provide a service across Europe are most likely to be successful in the long term."