Norwegian Air, Boeing tackle Dreamliner problems

Norwegian Air may be a loyal customer, but will continual Dreamliner problems sour the relationship?



Norwegian Air's CEO and Boeing are meeting to discuss ongoing problems with the Dreamliner.

The chief executive of the budget airline, Bjoern Kjos, will meet Boeing's management team in the U.S. next week to thrash out problems associated with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. Norwegian Air, one of the largest European budget carriers, attempted to launch a respectable long-haul service last year -- only to be scuppered by the breaking down of its first two Dreamliners over six times.

While Norwegian Air hoped that using Dreamliners would be a success due to low operating costs and higher range capacity which made long-haul trips possible, the airline has been forced to cancel flights and lease last-minute planes after its first two Dreamliners suffered both hydraulic and electrical problems.

A third is currently grounded in the United States awaiting repair.

Norwegian Air spokeswoman Anne-Sissel Skaanvik told Reuters:

"As far as I know the plane is not back in service yet; we have a wet-leased 777 today between Oslo and New York."

Wet-leasing is the hire of both plane and crew for replacement services.

The Dreamliner, thanks to its lightweight body and engine, is meant to improve efficiency and cut fuel use by roughly 20 percent. However, Boeing's model has been beset by problems including battery fires -- forcing governmental bodies in the U.S. and Europe to ground the fleet last year until a new battery design was implemented to improve safety.

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