Nosh empowers your dining experience through your smartphone

Do you order bad meals at restaurants and do you have an iOS or Android smartphone? Taste recommended meals with the help of Nosh.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Craig Walker started GrandCentral a few years ago and as you know Google purchased it and turned it into Google Voice. Craig and his team are now building products from cools ideas over at Firespotter and their first product release is Nosh. Nosh means to eat food enthusiastically and this new service should help you eat with confidence while saving you from wasting money on meals. Nosh is a service that helps you find what is recommended, directly from restaurant menus, when you are our enjoying meals with your family and friends. Nosh is something like a mix of Foursquare and Yelp, but looks to be even more helpful when it comes to specific menu items. I know my wife will like when I pull out an iOS or Android device with Nosh on it since she ALWAYS quizzes the waiter about the different dishes at restaurants we visit at least once a week. I could have used Nosh last week while on vacation and plan to check it out with my Droid Charge soon.

Nosh: Three Dinners from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.

You can easily find friends by connecting via Twitter and Facebook or just by browsing through the Nosh user base. Craig told me they are actively building their restaurant menu database and seek out and input menus on an aggressive basis. I love seeing services like this that empower smartphone owners and as I see nearly every table in a restaurant with at least one smartphone in hand there is major potential for Nosh to become quite a popular service.
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