Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

Apple rolled out a new Maps solution in iOS 6, but it doesn't seem as functional as the previous Google Maps. Telenav has a compelling map client and if you sign up soon you get a free year of premium services.

Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

The Apple iOS 6 update was released yesterday, I installed it on my new iPad, and I have seen a LOT of complaints about the new iOS 6 Apple Maps. Jason O'Grady asked if the new Maps app is passing or failing and showed a couple of screenshots. I don't find it terrible and think it might be OK for the majority of people, but it is a step back from Google Maps for the most part. If you want to try another solution, then I highly recommend you install Telenav Scout by Friday, 21 September, since they are offering free service for a year due to an iOS upgrade snafu.

Telenav was one of the first to bring voice-guided GPS navigation to the iPhone back in 2009 with AT&T Navigator and their latest Scout product looks great. Scout comes as a free application with advanced features such as offline navigation, real-time traffic, and more as part of their Scout Plus in-app upgrade. If you install the app today or tomorrow then you can get the Scout Plus service for free for a year. This is $24.99 value and if you are not that happy with Apple's new Maps solution then grab Scout now and at least give it a try for free.

BTW, they also just launched Scout for Android so give it a try on your Android smartphone too.

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