Novell bundles GroupWise and Linux

GroupWise 7.0 was released on Tuesday, and customers will get a Linux server operating system thrown in

Novell is offering a free version of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) with the latest version of its GroupWise collaboration server, which it released on Tuesday.

Novell's decision to bundle SLES with GroupWise 7 aims to take away one of the barriers to the adoption of the collaboration server, Novell's vice-president Ed Anderson said in June when outlining some details of the upcoming product. Anderson explained that one barrier to users buying GroupWise has been the additional servers required for the migration.

The decision to include the Linux server operating system for free may also be aimed at persuading existing GroupWise customers to migrate from NetWare to Linux, a key part of the company's strategy.

GroupWise 7 also runs on various other server operating systems, including NetWare and Windows 2003. It has various improvements, including integrated email and instant messaging, and improved Microsoft Outlook support.