Novell challenging Box, Dropbox with Filr enterprise file sharing service

Meet Filr, described by Novell reps as a challenger for Dropbox (and by extension likely Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and more).

Now infrastructure software provider Novell is getting into the enterprise file sharing business.

Meet Filr, described by company reps that it will challenge Dropbox (and by extension likely Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and more).

Novell posits that its entry into this seemingly crowded market is that it is bringing its experience in managing the "pain points" of the enterprise -- specifically those around security and networking.

Filr is designed to be deployed as an on-premise solution, with files stored on a company's internal network. At the same time, Novell touts global search capabilities across the enterprise -- at least based on users’ access rights defined by IT managers.

Some of the key features to Novell Filr include auto-populating existing data, supporting existing enterprise platforms (i.e. Microsoft Active Directory) and other IT policies, and keeping records of collaboration and version control in real-time.

Novell Filr is available now, and pricing varies by customer being that it is licensed per user.

It is also sold as an annual subscription in 50-user license packs or as an entitlement. Novell Filr is licensed per user and A 50-user perpetual license is also available.

Filr is also available as an entitlement. Customers with Maintenance on Novell Open Enterprise Server or Novell Open Workgroup Suite will receive a Filr subscription entitlement as a benefit of their Maintenance plan.

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