Novell Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition

Identity Management tool that targets the needs of medium size organizations.

Novell has always thought of itself as the "glue that holds the enterprise together" and has built products that would cooperate with and add value to just about anything the organization is using. Identity Manager 4 appears to follow the pattern of Novell's other products.

Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition, the second offering in the Identity Manager Family, as Novell puts it:

"combines automated, rule-based user provisioning with current-state reporting, enhanced scalability and tight integration with Microsoft* SharePoint* and SAP* ERP systems. This integration also helps to secure the cloud by connecting to services such as* and GoogleApps*. Novell Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition enables organizations to be open and agile across physical, virtual and cloud environments."

The Standard Edition of the product comes pre-set to provide most of the identity management features a medium size organization need. This includes automated, rules based provisioning; password management in a single place; reporting functions and integration with quite a number of important third party products. Users of this product can easily upgrade to the advanced edition when their needs expand beyond what Standard Edition does.

Snapshot anaysis

Identity Manager 4 Standard Edition is directly targeted at organizations that are aware that having a single place to manage user identity, roles, responsibilities and related policies, but don't necessarily have the need for a highly customized environment. The product has been designed to get to work immediately right out of the box without the requirement that IT staff do a lot of tuning or configuring of the product.

The Novell folks and I had a long discussion about environments that allowed access to critical data and systems for a long time after a staff member or a consultant left and the exposure that creates to all sorts of mischief. They mentioned that Identity Manager 4, along with the other products in Novell's portfolio, can make turning off all access to applications and data simple.

This is the sort of capability that organizations should build into their thinking when setting up systems.