Novell rolls out Linux boot camp

As Linux grows, the need for formal education programs in college settings is growing too.

Novell wants more students trained in Linux and is putting its money where it mouth is by hosting a week-long "boot-camp" for Linux educators, reports LinuxInsider. The new Linux course has its own line of textbooks and is designed to be incorporated into college curricula worldwide.

"Novell is experiencing an influx of colleges and universities that are joining our academic program particularly to access our Suse Linux Enterprise courseware and software," Novell vice president Dan Veitkus said. "This is in alignment with industry trends as large corporations deploy open source solutions. College and university administrators and faculty are responding to this growth and interest in Linux with their course offerings."

As Linux grows in popularity, there will be an increased need for education and training. The fact that colleges and universities are increasingly using Linux suggests "a strong upcoming class of young Linux professionals," said consultant Dana Gardner.

"As the list of Linux users increases, the need for Linux developers and administrators grows along with it," he said. "The quality of the academic curricula Novell provides will help turn out high-caliber Linux professionals."