Now Android device modders get free core Cyanogen OS apps

CyanogenMod users who want a taste of what Cyanogen has been doing commercially can now install the Cyanogen Apps Package.

The apps now available to the modding community provide a more Cyanogen OS-like experience. Image: Cyanogen

Android upstart Cyanogen has made a core set of apps that ship with Cyanogen OS devices available to the community version, CyanogenMod.

The Cyanogen Apps Package -- or C-Apps, for short -- includes the suite of apps that have shipped with Cyanogen OS, the commercial version of the Android-based OS installed on devices such as the OnePlus One, WileyFox and Zuk Z1.

These apps, including themes, a dialler and email app, weren't available to Android users who'd flashed their devices with CyanogenMod.

The package of apps now available to the modding community will let them choose a more Cyanogen OS-like experience.

It also opens the door for millions of CyanogenMod users to set up Cyanogen accounts, which they'll need to do to use some of the apps available in C-Apps, such as the dialler that's integrated with the TrueCaller anti-spam call feature in Cyanogen OS.

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"Creating a Cyanogen Account gives you access to the Theme Store, the ability to locate your device, remote lock and remote wipe it, and enable the TrueCaller functionality," a developer noted on a CyanogenMod blogpost. The find-my-phone feature is also available to CyanogenMod users who sign up to the CyanogenMod account.

Signing up also means agreeing to Cyanogen's terms of service and end-user license agreement, as well as to TrueCaller's license.

Other apps included in the package are the Theme chooser, Theme Store, the AudioFX media player, the photo-management app Gallery and the email app powered by Boxer.

Of course, the suite of apps is being offered as an optional download and will not be pre-installed on CyanogenMod releases. For the apps to function, users will also need to be on the Android 5.1 version of Cyanogen, CM 12.1.

The prospect of pre-installed apps is a sensitive issue for some CyanogenMod users who might have been motivated to switch to it because of bloatware on their Samsung, HTC or Sony devices.

That question cropped up after Microsoft and Cyanogen inked a deal in April for the Redmond company to supply a number of its apps for Cyanogen OS.

At the time CyangogenMod stressed that it wouldn't bundle Microsoft apps or indeed any apps that come with CyanogenOS devices.

CyanogenMod has provided installation instructions on a new Wiki for C-Apps.

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