NSA's Keith Alexander to stand down

Alexander's deputy is also expected to leave the spy agency.

US National Security Agency (NSA) director Keith Alexander is leaving the agency and his deputy John Inglis is retiring, according to a report from Reuters.

The information comes from anonymous US officials, who told Reuters that Alexander would leave by next March or April and that Inglis would retire by the end of the year.

The NSA has confirmed that Alexander's departure had nothing to do with the recent media attention over allegations that the NSA was engaged in unlawfully spying on US and foreign citizens.

Alexander has been accused of lying to Congress at Black Hat USA this year. His opening keynote claimed that the content of data collection requests was not visible to the NSA and focused on terrorism suspects.

Yet, leaked documents have repeatedly shown this is not the case. The NSA is alleged to store metadata on millions of web users, as well as collect their address books , rifle through inboxes, and collect status updates.