NSW government delivers ERP-as-a-service to agencies

The NSW government has added new category on the ProcurePoint website as part of its ICT Services Scheme.

The NSW government has created a one-stop-shop for suppliers to provide enterprise resource planning (ERP) as a service to government agencies.

The government has introduced an ERP category on the ProcurePoint website — a site that provides procurement information, tools, and support to assist NSW government agencies and current or potential suppliers — that will allow suppliers to provide their services to multiple agencies without needing to register across multiple categories.

NSW Minister for Finance and Services, Dominic Perrottet, said the previous system made it difficult for suppliers to highlight the full range of services they could offer but the changes will collate that into a single category.

"Progressive governments across the globe recognise the need to make it easier and more transparent for private enterprises to do business with government agencies," he said.

The model is also expected to reduce the costs of ERP implementations, Perrottet said.

The new category has been developed in the government's ICT Services Scheme . Other changes to how the state government procure services that have been made under the scheme include a two-tiered supplier listing and a "short form" contract for projects under AU$150,000. This latest contract comes in addition to the state government's Procure IT framework and is aimed at making the process easier for small to medium enterprises.

In efforts to further improve the supplier and government relationship, the ICT Investment Policy and Guidelines (PDF) was released to help agencies make better IT investment and strategic planning decisions .

The new guidelines has helped agencies take advantage of recent reforms made to the NSW ICT Strategy , which saw the introduction of 36 new actions that were implemented last September.