NSW government's one-stop shop website for business goes live

The Service NSW Business Profile platform will allow businesses to update their details and complete government transactions.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

The New South Wales government has launched its one-stop website to help businesses manage their interactions with the state government in one place.

Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said the Service NSW Business Profile platform will allow businesses to update their details, complete government transactions, apply for and track grant applications such as COVID-19 financial assistance, and apply for and track vocational licences.

"Businesses are the backbone of the economy and owners should be spending more time on their operations and less time buried under piles of paperwork, visiting multiple websites and interacting with different agencies," he said.

"Business Profile works like a digital dashboard, reducing pain points and putting business at the centre of the process."

The Business Profile platform is a replica of the state government's citizen-facing Service NSW platform.

"There are more than five million individual customer accounts -- providing easy access to a range of government transactions and services. We want to replicate that for the estimated 700,000 registered businesses in NSW," Dominello said.

He said more services would be added to the platform based on customer feedback and demand.

The initiative is part of the state government's "Beyond Digital" strategy that was launched in November. At the time, Dominello touted it would build on top of the work already performed by the state government.

"The reason we're talking 'beyond digital' is because when this government was elected in March this year, we fundamentally changed the way the government works. We don't just have a Department of Customer Service, we've got a committee inside of government, you could call them the specialist performance committee, that basically puts people first," he told ZDNet at the time.

"Whether you're having an experience in education and then you need to move across to health, then you need to move across to the communities, we want to make sure as people move across, it is a seamless experience, rather than having disjointed and sub-optimal engagements with various agencies." 

In May, Service NSW was the target of a malicious phishing attack, following reports that a staff member from Service NSW clicked on a suspicious link from an email.

Service NSW confirmed the breach, which occurred on 22 April 2020, saw customer information held in emails accessed.

"On 22 April, Service NSW launched a comprehensive investigation in response to the discovery of a possible breach. Initial assessments were not clear on the reach of the attack," it said.

"This investigation subsequently identified the email accounts of 47 Service NSW Staff members were illegally accessed."

Service NSW has since established a dedicated team to offer help to affected customers.

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