​NSW govt adds Amazon Web Services to GovDC

The NSW government has added four new services to its GovDC marketplace, which government agencies will now be able to access.

The New South Wales government has announced that a range of new cloud-based services from private providers are now available to government agencies through its private cloud, GovDC.

Under the new services, agencies will be able to access the public cloud through cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace via the newly established GovDC Cloud Connect.

Other services being added to the GovDC marketplace include ERP as a service, expense-management system, and a workforce vendor management system (VMS).

NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet said that agencies are now able to select which product they want to use, much like online shopping.

"Conceptually, agencies can pick a product from the ICT catalogue and add it to their 'shopping cart'," he said. "This approach to ICT means agencies can implement systems quicker and cheaper than before."

Perrottet added that the move to cloud computing is encouraging the reuse of different solutions by government agencies.

"The VMS successfully went live at the Department of Family and Communities in November last year, and now NSW Health and the Department of Education and Communities are preparing for their implementation during the first quarter of 2015," he said.

Companies that are already supplying to the GovDC marketplace include IBM, Telstra, SAP, Oracle, and Huawei Technologies.

GovDC has been set up within two datacentres, one based in Silverwater, Sydney, and the other in Unanderra, an hour south of Sydney.

The NSW government expects all of its agencies to migrate their IT onto GovDC by August 2017.