NSW govt brings in new ICT Services Scheme

The NSW government is bringing in a new ICT Services Scheme to replace its existing ICT Services Panel, making a number of contractual changes to make it easier for smaller businesses.

As part of the reforms to the NSW government's ICT policies , it has reminded industry that its ICT Services Scheme will replace the existing Services Panel.

The ICT Services Panel was originally set up in 2009 and consisted of a number of companies that had been pre-approved by the state government for ICT projects. In its current form, it will expire on February 28, leading to the implementation of the new ICT Services Scheme on March 1.

Major changes to how the state government procures services will include a two-tiered supplier listing and a "short form" contract for projects under AU$150,000. This latest contract comes in addition to the state government's Procure IT framework and is aimed at making the process easier for small to medium enterprises.

With the procurement process divided into two contracts, so too will the new supplier list.

The state government will form an ICT Services Registration Supplier List, for those low-value and low-risk services, which will likely be governed by the short form contracts. A second ICT Services Advanced Registration Supplier List will be created for contracts that are high-value or high-risk, and use the Procure IT framework.

The application process for the new scheme will be conducted online and open to all suppliers at all times, a change that the state government hopes will remove previously "onerous and costly" contracting arrangements. The online process is expected to go live by the end of February.

The state government only recently brought on more members to its newly refreshed ICT advisory panel . It's the latest in a string of changes to the state's ICT policies, such as improving open data, creating industry action plans, and potentially moving to more cloud services.