NSW Police Force seeks own social network

NSW Police is looking to implement its own internal social network to let cops help each other out.

The NSW Police Force is seeking expressions of interest from the IT industry for an internal social network that will allow police officers to communicate with each other and promote internal networking.

At the moment, NSW Police's internal communications are limited to a monthly magazine, reference material on its intranet and a gated email system that is so restricted that not even the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner have the ability to easily send all-staff emails without authorisation.

Following a trial of an "innovation forum", NSW Police found a strong interest among police officers to comment and vote on issues brought forward by co-workers, even though the forum was not promoted to staff.

As a result, NSW Police is now looking to implement an internal social network that will improve internal communications, including promoting internal networking, the exchange of ideas, collaboration through wikis and shared apps, and a more timely news service than its existing monthly publication.

There are some significant challenges for interested parties to overcome, however. Security has been considered to be "of paramount importance", with NSW Police recognising that the social network may result in certain individuals making the mistake of leaking information. As such, it is interested in "any automated moderation tools that could prevent the inadvertent exposure of confidential information".

At the moment, NSW Police has not established a budget for its social network, instead stating that it will do so once expressions of interest have been received.