NSW Police seeks new IT service and asset management system

The new system has a focus on mobile applications and Police want a backup proposal in case they decide not to go to the cloud.

New South Wales Police (NSW Police) have gone to market for a new IT system to look after its IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (AM) functions.

The law enforcement organisation is already using three offerings from HP for ITSM and AM, and is seeking to replace them with another offering to be installed in NSW Police datacentres, or hosted in the cloud.

Where tenderers have opted for a software as a service approach, they are also required to provide an additional proposal for how they would take an in-house or hybrid approach should NSW Police decide not to go with a hosted model.

Although billed as an application to manage IT services and assets, tenderers are also required to submit proposals that are flexible enough to accommodate non-IT services and assets.

These could include enterprise services, such as contractor/employee on-boarding procedures, stationery purchases and an IT-based system to make requests for assistance between different policing branches.

It will also need to be delivered as a browser-based application, and NSW Police have stated in its specification that supporting the application on mobile devices would be highly desirable.

The timeliness of how an asset management database would be updated appears to be important, with NSW Police asking tenderers to specify whether mobile devices will be able to do real time updates when online, periodic re-syncs with databases offline, or a combination of both.

The length of the contract is for three years after user acceptance testing has occurred, with NSW Police able to extend the contract by two one year options at its discretion.