Nuance's Dragon Mobile Assistant now features voice loyalty

Nuance Voiceprint biometric technology enables a user to set their device to respond to their voice only, and also wake the device using only vocal commands.

A new feature to Nuance Communication's Dragon Mobile Assistant (DMA) app is setting out to make Siri look like a cheating harlot. Where Apple's personal assistant has a certain air of un-exclusivity, responding to anyone who summons her via the home button, the DMA app uses voice biometric technology to allow users to command their device with a specific phrase and have their assistant respond to only them.

Available to Android customers, Nuance Voiceprint also enables a users' voice to awaken their device and give it a command in one shot, even if DMA is only in the background, or the phone is locked or asleep.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.26.15 PM

In addition, Dragon Mobile Assistant now supports landscape mode, and also recognizes when users are in a moving vehicle, automatically switching to hands-free operation. A new in-app browser is touted to render content faster and to allow users to share web results with others directly from the screen. 

Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager for Nuance Mobile, said in a statement:

When designing Dragon Mobile Assistant, we decided that there were a few items we could not live without. Among those at the top of this list are personalization and security.  With that in mind, we created the latest version of Dragon Mobile Assistant featuring Nuance Voiceprint – putting intelligence and simplicity at the forefront of the user experience.

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