Nuance's Swype courts India, launches 'Hinglish' version

Nuance's Swype now offers a Hinglish version as it eyes India's massive mobile market.


Nuance Communications said that its next-generation of its Swype touch keyboard will support 'Hinglish,' a cross between Hindi and English, in an effort to cater to India's mobile market.

Going forward Swype will recognize Hinglish words like chai, paani, desi, garam and masti.

Nuance said its Swype database will include 'tens of thousands" of Hindi words translated into Latin script.

Over time, Nuance's goal is to use Swype to learn preferences. Swype is designed to become more intelligent with usage.

Nuance said its next-gen Swype is available to manufacturers using Android and as a software developer kit for other mobile operating systems. Nuance acquired Swype a year ago.