Nuggets: 3D sound wizardry from Teac speakers

Get spine-tingling audio out of your PC, TV or console with PowerMax speakers
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Looking for some top-quality speakers? Well, Teac is rolling out the PowerMax 1500 -- a seven-piece system that promises "outstanding" 3D surround sound.

For £199 (including VAT) you'll get five satellite speakers to position around your room, plus a Dolby Digital amplifier and subwoofer. Each satellite gets a different audio stream, so as long as you put them in the right places then explosions and crashes will sound something like the real thing (why is it these companies never put enough speaker wire to get the speakers exactly where you want them?).

As well as your home computer, the PowerMax 1500 can be connected to a TV, console or portable CD player. It's even PlayStation 2 ready, and allows different sound modes such as theatre and hall.

To achieve that realistic 3D effect, PowerMax uses some pretty funky technology EAX, developed by Creative Labs, and Aureal's A3D. Both use cutting-edge technology and drivers to give the illusion of genuine surround sound.

  • Teac PowerMax 1500 Speakers

  • One subwoofer, one amplifier, five satellite speakers
  • £199 (inc VAT)
  • Subwoofer: 20W RMS, each satellite speaker: 5W RMS
  • Supports Dolby Digital encoding, A3D and EAX
  • Compatible with PC, TV, home hi-fi system, portable CD and DVD players, consoles including PlayStation 2
  • Selectable sound modes including stereo, theatre and hall

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