Nuggets: A good day for CDs

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Dirty little ...

TDK, purveyor of rather fine MiniDiscs and CD-Rs, has obviously got a bit worried about you lot playing them on dirty, uncared for machines. So it's decided to introduce a range of really exciting cleaning products... ahem.

The MD head cleaner is a MiniDisc coated with a fibre sheet to clean the surface of the magnetic head. The MD and CD lens cleaners have got an ultra-fine fibre brush to remote dirt and dust from the optical pick-up lens. Also on these discs are pre-recorded test signals and music, to help you test your system, and spoken instructions to 'guide you through the cleaning process' -- I may not know much, but I think I'm just about capable of using a head cleaner without someone talking me through it. These can be used on home or portable units, but for some reason not on in-car systems. There's also a CD-ROM lens cleaner as part of the range. Now come on, be nice to your equipment, keep it clean. All £12.99, except the MD head cleaner for £16.99.

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