Nuggets: A slightly jammy camera

PC camera is jammin'Another day, another PC camera. Today it's the cute sounding JamC@m, from KB Gear Interactive but launched in the UK by Pow! Distribution .

Like all PC cameras, its not designed to satisfy David Bailey, though it does give a 640 x 480 resolution, but to quickly snap stuff on the go for downloading and manipulating on your PC.

It's compatible with Macs or PCs and comes with both USB and serial connections. The software Pow has chosen to chuck in is PictureWorks HotShots photo editing and project software package.

One thing the JamC@m's got going for it is Hewlett Packard's CMOS image sensor, instead of the usual CCD array found in other cameras. So that's all right then.

In the shops now for £89.95.

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