Nuggets: Adobe boosts After Effects

Adobe gets mobile with snazzy new After Effects...

The designer's favourite software company, Adobe , has released a powered up version of After Effects, its motion graphics and visual effects software.

Among the many new features in After Effects 4.1 is added support for enhanced media, meaning users can export files up to 30k x 30k. Adobe has also added support for the RLA and Softimage PIC 3D file formats. There's a new 3D Channel Pack, which lets you integrate 3D elements into 2D composites. Version 4.1 also supports QuickTime 4.0 export components for preparing streaming audio and video.

There are also a whole load of new control functions, including a flowchart view for visualising the organisation of compositions, support for saving effects, masking enhancements, and the ability to fill and mask text separately.

Finally, there's a new unlimited network render engine license to increase rendering efficiency. The Collect Files command automatically gathers project files and information for rendering, with a Watch Folder automatically triggering a network to render a project placed in the Watch Folder.

In the shops now for £500, or £35 for the upgrade from version 4.0.

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