Nuggets: Another day another graphics card

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Oh no -- it's another Savage card...

ELSA of Germany has based its latest graphics card on S3's 128 bit Savage 4 chip (hasn't everyone?).

Winner II is a 2D/3D AGP model and uses the S3TC texture compression technology of the afore mentioned techy architecture to give photorealistic 3D images using 32-bit rendering. Unlike many of its competitors ELSA writes its own drivers for the card, updates of which will be available for free download from its site.

The company stresses that gamers after 'absolute performance' should go for its ERAZOR III card. I guess that means that the Winner II is for those looking for 'slightly-dodgy-but-bearable-given-the-price performance'. The ERAZOR III includes support for flat screen displays and S-VHS Video-in. The included MainActor software lets you edit, title and add effects to your digital movie efforts. Other bundled software includes 3D game sampler, Corel Draw Select, MainActor 3.0, Microsoft NetMeeting. Oh and there's an optional software DVD player -- ELSAmovie.

Available by the end of the month: £69.99 for 16MB version and £99.99 for the 32MB.

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