Nuggets: Big drive specially for your toonz

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Big jookbox geeza!

A 10GB removable hard drive aimed at notebook users wanting to drag their digital music collection around with them has been launched by IBM. This is Big Blue's first foray into the external drive marketplace.

The Travelstar E, weighing in at less than 450g, is a plug and play drive that slots into a notebook's PC card slot and, such is the nature of this powerful critter, it needs no additional power cables. And, IBM claims, it is five times tougher than a standard notebook hard drive (er, any ideas how they test that??).

Reinforcing IBM's stated message that this is aimed at music lovers -- rather than the suits presumably -- the drive comes bundled with RioPort's digital audio jukebox software for organising, encoding, downloading and playing digital music files, including MP3 and Windows Media Audio.

The drive will be available in 8GB and 10GB versions expected to cost around $449 (£270) and $549 (£330) respectively. It will be released in the States next month, but IBM refused to say if or when if would be launched in the UK.

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