Nuggets: Big lizard does dictation

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Pretty darn cool... naturally

If you're running Windows 98 on an USB enabled PC and you hate typing, then pay attention. Dragon Systems has released a USB version of its well-regarded speech recognition software.

The NaturallyClear USB System H100 consists of a headset microphone, connected to a cigarette box sized black pod. This pod connects directly to the USB port, with automatic detection by Windows 98. Inside the pod is a sound card type device that has been designed especially for speech input. Speech is captured by the pod and converted to digital information, before being sent down the USB connection. According to Dragon, this system has two advantages. Firstly, it means any slightly dodgy built-in audio systems in your PC are bypassed. Secondly, if you're moving from computer to computer the constant audio signal means that you don't have to re-train the speech recognition software on each PC you use. Well I'm going to have to leave it there as my fingers are starting to ache with all this typing. They can't get this speech recognition software perfected quick enough if you ask me. Available now for £79.99.

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