Nuggets: Casio puts MP3 on your wrist

James Bond wouldn't mind having this one

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Watches. Everyone wears one and all they do is sit on your wrist telling the time. Casio decided that it should start doing something slightly more useful and so it's turned one of its watches into an MP3 player.

The Wrist Audio Player, 49 x 54 x 19mm and weighing 70g, comes with a built in 16MB Multi Media Card to store and play MP3 files. As if having an MP3 watch wasn't cool enough, it's also got a USB interface for downloading your tunes.

The built-in flash card can store up to 33 minutes of CD quality music in the High Quality Mode, 44 minutes in Medium Quality Mode, and 66 minutes of FM quality music in Low Quality Mode.

Not to lose face with other, slightly more roomy players, it's got a Flashback Title feature that scrolls through song titles and artists on the display. Which is pretty impressive, even though it's only one character at a time.

It's also got G-Shock style little animated characters that dance along to the music, with ten different styles of dancing depending on the music being played.

As it's waterproof you can even have music while you swim, and the rechargeable battery will let you keep it up for up to four hours of playback.

It'll be out in the UK for about £250 in July.

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