Nuggets: CD drives get speedy and mobile

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Couple of new CD drives out, but they're not all that exciting so I'll cram them both into one nugget. Memorex's CD-RW6424 is an internal CD-RW drive that it claims is the fastest on the market. Though it is only really taking about writing speed to CD-R, other writing speeds are pretty standard. It writes at 6x, rewrites at 4x and reads at 24x. The drive comes with the ubiquitous Adaptec EasyCD Creator and Direct CD software. At £199 it does represent good value for money, and certainly offers more than Creative's latest £199 offering. Portable Add-ons latest offering is the CD Mobile, a 32 speed mobile CD-ROM drive. Like most portable drives it takes its power direct via the PC Card slot on you laptop. It weighs 450 kg and measures 135 x 190 x 38mm. It costs £199 + VAT, so really you may as well splash out the extra £50 and get Portable's DVD Mobile drive instead.

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