Nuggets: Creative combination from Macromedia

Studio wants you to get creativeThe don of Web design software, Macromedia, has got a rather tasty little package coming out any week now.

Its new Studio package combines Dreamweaver 3 Web authoring software and the Fireworks 3 Web graphics package.

Dreamweaver 3 has been bumped up with enhanced collaboration and customisation features. There are also new Design Notes so that those of you in a team can share information and status about specific Web pages in a dialogue within the page itself. Which is all very cosy. The whole application can be customised using JavaScript, HTML and XML.

Not to be left out, Fireworks 3 also boasts some improvements. There are new features for designing Web graphics, including live preview and optimisation of rollover effects within the workspace. It now also automates the graphic workflow with a new library that lets you store artwork within the authoring environment.

If that tempts your creative tastebuds you'll have to shell out £299, or £149 for the upgrade.

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