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My, what an impressive lens you have...

Building on its successful MX-2700 digital camera, FujiFilm is getting ready to release its top-of-the-range flagship model, the 2.3 megapixel MX-2900.

This looks nothing like its older stablemate and resembles much more a standard SLR camera. This camera is aimed at real photographers who like real photography, so as well as a fully automatic mode all the controls can be operated manually.

Manual focus allows you to control depth of field through shutter and aperture settings. Aperture priority controls enable you to choose from F3.3/F7.6, for wide-angle shooting, to F5/F11 for telephoto shooting. Shutter speed can be manually set in a range of 3 seconds to 1/1000 second, which really is rather impressive. You get a choice of three metering modes: multi, to measure light in several positions in the frame; spot, to measure light in the centre of the frame; and average, to measure light across the whole frame. The camera comes with a built-in flash, or you can show off by attaching your own to the hot-shoe attachment, plus a slow-synchro mode that combines use of the flash with slow shutter speed for capturing foreground subjects.

It comes with an eight element 3x optical zoom lens and an optional 43mm thread lens converter. Under the three compression levels you can get 8, 17 and 35 images onto the supplied 8Mb SmartMedia card (the new 16Mb should be available soon). Finally, a continuous shooting mode gives you up to 9 frames per second and there's an Effects Mode to add special effects like sepia, a 2-inch colour LCD screen, and a self-timer.

All those bits for just £699.99.

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