Nuggets: Digital editing just got better

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

It's the pinnacle of editing... No really.

If you've recently made the sensible decision to grab a digital video camcorder, you'll soon be itching for more control over the editing process. Which is where a decent DV video-editing card comes in.

British manufacturer Pinnacle Systems already produces several high-end cards, aimed mainly at professionals. The Studio DV card marks Pinnacle's entry into the consumer market and comes with a slew of features to support your imagination. Automatic scene detection gives you an overview of everything you've shot, displayed by the first frame of each new scene. Editing is via the usual cut and paste and drag and drop controls, with an instant preview window letting you try out different effects for each scene before the final cut.

To save on precious disk space, SmartCapture lets you create up to one hour of video brilliance with just 150MB. For the finishing touches to your masterpiece TitleDeko gives you over 300 looks and styles for creating titles, and smartsound lets you create a customised soundtrack. You can output to digital movies, such as AVI or MPEG, videotape or RealVideo streaming video for putting your stuff up on the Web.

Available in mid-September for £199.99.

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