Nuggets: Digital radio that won't break the bank

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Video killed the radio...

If our recent coverage of digital radio has tempted you to chuck your old tranny away and discover the joys of CD quality FM, you may have had second thoughts when you realised a receiver would cost around £2000. Worry not Nuggeteers, Technics has come to the rescue with a comparatively bargain basement model, the ST-GT1000.

Technics claims this is the world's first combination Digital/Analogue radio tuner, so you can get every station going, no matter how its broadcast.

It has an illuminated dot-matrix display to show things like frequencies and signal strength, and there's a memory preset facility that lets you store up to 49 DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), 29 FM channels and 19 AM channels. It also lets you perform a search of all available multiplexes for specific programme types, such as news or sports.

In addition to the stereo line audio outputs for connecting to your hi-fi, there's a digital optical output so you can record all your favourite shows, now in glorious digital quality, onto a permanent digital format such as MiniDisc.

In the shops now for around £500 (OK, so it ain't cheap but it is £1,500 saved)

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