Nuggets: DVD's Transambient trip

Sit back, chill out and enjoy a steady stream of digitally enhanced audio-visual artistry for a new generation

The clubbers among you are probably au fait with the concept of a VJ (that's visuals jockey for those of you who still think dancing is something you do in a disco!), the chap who spins visual delights to complement those of the traditional vinyl jockeys.

Well, this DVD, released on 24th July and containing some extra tracks to the VHS version, showcases talent already seen on Channel 4's Transambient programme.

The Transambient album consists of eight original tracks, each around twelve minutes in length. Created by groups such as Free Range, (R)evolve and Coma, they are made up of hundreds of images and video clips spliced together. The Transambient (Blossom Mix) track, for example, is based on scenes of rolling countryside, flowers and insects, while the album's music (all specially written in partnership with the VJs) includes drum'n'bass, trance and (er...) ambient.

The motivation behind the Transambient project is to achieve real synergy between the visuals and the music. The result is an engrossingly trippy, uplifting and unpretentious experience, with a ballet-like ability to communicates without using words. You may feel that this genre isn't your cup of tea, in which case get moving to where you can download a variety of MP3 samples.

Transambient's producers, Nick Clarke and Graham Daniels, also perform as Visual Cortex. They're keen to identify their creation as entertainment as much as art, and recognise that many of their fans tend also to be early adopters of the latest technology as well as music.

Just so's you know you're buying quality stuff here, Daniels recently did Fatboy Slim's set at the Glastonbury dance tent, and at the Ministry of Sound. In there (few) spare hours they also manage to squeeze in a spot on ITV's new Internet programme The Web Review (showing Tuesday nights).

  • Released by Addictive TV

  • Running time 94mins (approx)

  • Price: £13.99


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