Nuggets: e-cooking enhances your life

Sad we know, but apparently e-cooking is in...
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Lucky visitors to London's Ideal Home Show exhibition this month will be able to get a glimpse of one of the world's first Internet cookers.

The "revolutionary Web-enabled rapid-cook oven system" is being demonstrated by hi-tech kitchen maestro TurboChef Technologies.

Apparently its wired cooker is guaranteed to have a "significant impact on your entire kitchen lifestyle experience" -- for those of you that actually have a regular kitchen experience, that is.

Justifying its Internet tag, the e-cooker comes with a wireless Web pad, so you can browse while you shop while you cook. This means, says TurboChef, that in addition to the 150 hours a year you'll save "cooking in TurboChef time," you'll also save an additional 2-3 hours a week by not having to go to the pesky supermarket.

The cooker, which, don't forget, will give you "an added dimension of quality of life enhancement," is just about to go into commercial production. So don't delay and pop along to Earls Court and get your order in today.

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