Nuggets: Epson keeps those printers coming

Out-of-box printer experienceAnother day, another printer from Epson. It just loves cranking those things out.

The EPL-5700L slips in at the lower end of Epson's already pretty crowded laser printer family.

It's aimed at first-time users so it's an out-of-the-box printer, with toner cartridge and other messy things already installed. It's compatible with PCs or Macs and there's an optional translucent blueberry paper tray for iMac and G3 owners. How lovely.

It offers 8ppm print speeds, perfectly acceptable for this level, and 1200dpi resolutions. Epson's Status Monitor 3 keeps you up to date on stuff like amount of paper and toner left.

There's a 150-sheet paper tray and a single-sheet manual feed for envelopes, Christmas cards and the like. You can also choose an optional 500-sheet cassette.

In the shops now for £229.

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