Nuggets: Epson's feature packed image collector

Epson's snapper's full of extras...

Second digital camera of the day, this time from Epson .

The PhotoPC 850z heads straight to the top of Epson's range. It's a 3 megapixel effort, with a 6x zoom -- 3x optical and 2x digital. It's got a whole host of features aimed straight at a photo fanatic's heart. Manual adjustable features include exposure and exposure compensation, spot metering and divided brightness metering, shutter speed, aperture settings, focus and white balance, and sensitivity adjustment.

There's also leading-sync and slow-sync flash, quick take mode, continuous shot mode, self timer and focus lock. As if all that wasn't enough, Epson's also giving you direct print, sound recording, time lapse, USB connectivity and video output. Not bad for a printer company!

It comes with NiMH batteries and recharger, an 8MB CompactFlash card and a software package that includes Adobe PageMill, Presto! Mr Photo, Epson Photo! Print and Epson Photo! 3.

In the shops now for around £550.

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