Nuggets: Ericsson WAPs it up

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A new phone from Ericsson... all this and WAP too...

Ericsson is pulling ahead of Nokia in the WAP race with the introduction of its third WAP-enabled device.

TheR320 GSM dual-band mobile phone has a built-in WAP microbrowser to access Internet content when WAP services finally appear on the market. Which, if Ericsson has anything to do with it, will be sooner than you might expect. To make it easier to actually read what you've downloaded, the graphic display shows up to five lines of text.

The phone is 15mm wide and weighs under 100g. It's got some pretty cool features too. As well as an in-built modem, it has infrared functionality to let you send and receive electronic business cards, ring melodies (for the really sad) and phone book entries. The voice memo function lets you record up to twenty memos. Not only is there a calendar, but the IrMC 1.1 open synchronisation standard means that you can synchronise it with your PC. So you'll have no excuse to not know where you're meant to be each day.

Other, slightly less interesting, features include voice dialling and answering, SMS, vibrating call alert and alarm clock.

Ericsson says that it expects to start shipping in the first quarter of next year, but hasn't decided on pricing as yet.

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