Nuggets: Feature-rich camera for digital snaps

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Loads of features, USB support and a slidey cover

If you're looking for a feature packed high-end digital camera and no one else can help, maybe you could try the Ricoh RDC-5000.

This 310g 2.3 mega pixel camera has a hefty 1792x1200-pixel resolution and an integrated nine element autofocus lens. It offers a 2.3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5 digital zoom lens, with the lens letting you focus on objects up to 4cm away without the need for a close up adapter.

The two resolution modes each have three different JPEG compression ratios -- basic, fine and economy. At the highest resolution you can get about 10 shots onto its internal 8MB memory, though you can upgrade by buying 32MB SmartMedia cards.

A nice touch is the cover that slides out and in to protect the 1.8-inch LCD monitor when turning the camera on and off. Equally appealing is that it supports USB, although don't worry if you still haven't upgraded to it yet, it ships with both USB and serial cables. It comes with a pretty basic software bundle including ArcSoft's PhotoStudio 3.0 image editing program and ArcSoft's PhotoBase for organising your snaps.

£649.99 will make it yours.

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