Nuggets: Flat screen monitor for how much?

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Look at the price...

It's big and it's flat. It's ViewSonic's GF775 17" flat screen monitor, part of the company's Graphics series. It uses ViewSonic's PerfectFlat technology, which is says will totally eliminate reflection, giving a distortion free image with minimal glare -- very cool if you're trying to work in this bleedin' sunshine at the mo!

SuperClear screen treatment is designed to increase contrast and brightness, reducing the strain on your poor old eyes. Monitor fanatics will probably want all the gory technical details, which are as follows. Its got an ultra fine 0.24mm slot pitch to boost image quality, a 30-95 kHz horizontal scan range, a flicker free resolution of 1289 x 1024 at 88Hz and a non-interlaced resolution of 1600 x 1280 at 75 Hz. Attempting to make set-up as painless as possible, the GF775 has digital OnView setting controls and is GTF compliant and plug-and-play compatible.

If all that's got your juices flowing, and if it has I really would start to worry, then you can get one now for a pretty reasonable £260.

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