Nuggets: Fun loving company seeks MP3 for sex appeal

GMT gets sexy with MP3Greenwich Mean Time, the company not the time zone, doesn't often hit the headlines so it has decided to get sexy with a new MP3 jukebox package.

And why not? As the press release rather over excitedly points out "we're young, we love music, we love the Internet, it was fun!" Ahhh bless...

Lucky it was fun though, because while the product is perfectly reasonable in itself, it will probably have little chance against the big boys like MusicMatch and RealJukebox.

The 'J Box' has all the usual encoding, organising, playlist and playing features of Jukebox software and it also lets you filter your collection based on genre of music. There are 17 different genres available and you can filter up to three simultaneously.

You can select different conversion rates of course and there's an adjustable graphic equaliser.

Skins-wise, you can either have it as a 50s style jukebox or as tiny little player to tuck away in the corner of your screen. There'll probably be many more once the software catches on.

Bizarrely it's only available in shops, not for download, and it'll set you back £29.95.

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