Nuggets: Get your graphics card while you can

New NVIDIA from CreativeCreative by name and, most of the time Creative by nature, the company has brought out the second version of its graphics cards based on the NVIDIA GeForce 256 GPU.

The nice, simple name its picked for the new card is the 3D Blaster GeForce 256 Annihilator Pro. This is an updated version of the Annihilator and offers the same features, such as Hardware Transform & Lighting, Cubic Environment Mapping and Quad Pixel Architecture. But to achieve its Pro status it now features 32MB of DDR (Double Data Rate) memory.

DDR is the latest in whizz bang graphics subsystem memory, developed to give increased performance at higher resolutions and colour depths. It uses both the front and back edge of the memory clock DDR memory to achieve double the bandwidth of technologies like SDRAM and SGRAM.

Creative promises to get the £229 card into the shops in time for Christmas. But be warned, it's only going to ship it in limited quantities. How mean.

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