Nuggets: Graphics card for TV addicts

A telly and a video inside your PC...

ATI has come up with a solution for those of you who want to upgrade the TV, video and graphics capability of your PC for one easy price.

The ATI All-in-Wonder 128 is a 32MB graphics board, based on the Rage 128 chip, with integrated video and TV tuner. It also comes bundled with Ulead Videostudio for MPEG-2 video editing, including wipes, fades, merges and the ability to integrate text and 3D captions into your video masterpieces.

The board gives you automatic TV tuning, Nicam digital stereo and TV-out. There's also Digital VCR functionality, which means you can pretend that your PC is a video recorder and programme it to record TV programmes.

The TV tuner also boasts the dubious advantage of scheduled viewing, with the PC turning on the TV function for designated programming. And if you really can't drag yourself away from your computer to check when the next fix of Coronation Street is due, Channel Surf lets you have live TV programming as video wall paper.

The card is bundled with Ulead Cool 3D, which lets you create still or animated 3D text and images.

Out later this month for £189.

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