Nuggets: Gravis ready to Xterminate

Another joypad, er joystick thingy from Gravis... But this one's different folks. Honest

More joy for your bucks...

Expanding its burgeoning gaming range still further, Gravis has announced the Xterminator Dual Control USB joystick and gamepad combination.

It lets you perform separate moves simultaneously, using the proportional D-pad as a second joystick, thus removing the need to pause in-between all your hot moves. The pad and the joystick give 360° range of motion, with accuracy enhanced by 8-way POV switch for perspective and weapon changes.

You can also programme in up to 49 functions, cheat codes and action sequences with the Gravis Xperience software, and, of course Gravis claims the controls are ergonomically tailored for a comfortable gaming experience.

The joystick is both Mac and PC compatible, costs £59.99, and will be in the shops in December.

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