Nuggets: Huge iccle drive in your pocket

Do you wanna fit 650MB on something the size of a credit card without breaking your wallet? Check out the new MoveIT drive

The name Calluna mean anything to you? If you have a lot of data you need to store, it soon will? Enter the monsta 650MB Type II MoveIT drive that'll wrap up thousands of MP3s, images and anything else you happen to have in need of a home!

Released at the end of November, this is basically a hard drive within a type II PC card, and is a souped-up version of Calluna's 260MB Type II MoveIT drive.

Slip it into a Type II PC Card slot -- as you generally do with type II cards -- and you too can enjoy the benefits of portable storage without messing around with installing software or reading manuals. Mac users needn't feel excluded, as their machines are able to use a PC-formatted drive, but if you reformat the MoveIT on a Mac then it won't work on a PC.

What's it like to use, then?

Well, there weren't any problems getting Windows 98 to recognise the MoveIT. Once installed the device functioned pretty well as an additional hard drive, so you just load and save as you would with any other drive.

Things got a bit slow when it had to tackle thousands of files all at once, but for backing up individual files or folders it worked a treat.

Type II PC card slots are so ubiquitous (most laptops boast one or even a pair) that it could be a pretty useful gadget to own. Not quite as small as the Megapixels' ThumbDrive, but at £239 it's much better value per MB than the Thumbdrive range (although we understand that Megapixels has recently cut retail prices by around 20%).

Rumour has it that Calluna is beavering away at a 1GB Type II MoveIT drive -- we'll let you know when we hear more.

  • Calluna 650MB Type II PC card hard drive

  • 650MB capacity

  • PC and Mac compatible

  • 45g

  • 85x54x20mm

  • Stated performance - average seek times: 12ms, to/from media: 6.6 MB/sec (min), to/from interface: 20 MB/sec (max)


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