Nuggets: Kodak camera to go

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Piggyback camera gets snappy... man

If you haven't got a Sony Vaio, but fancy getting into a bit of videoconferencing while you're on the go, Kodak's latest release may tickle your fancy.

The DVC325 Digital Video Camera, weighing 207g, is a portable digital camera that clips onto your PC or laptop and connects using a USB connection. Hugging its anchor for dear life, the DVC325 captures still and video images (video capture operates at 30 fps) at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which, according to Kodak, is the highest sensor resolution of any USB videoconferencing camera on the market.

As well as the laptop mount there's a 3m cable, so you can roam around getting the best angle for your pictures. And for those of you that feel the need to be in control, there's a manual focus -- not a bad addition for a budget system.

The bundled software gets you all set up to start videoconferencing, sending video emails (you'll want to drop the frame rate for this) or getting your holiday slide show to your neighbours before they have time to protest.

Out now for £99.

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